PC Master Race

Who Qualifies As PCMR?

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While anyone can go out and buy a powerful gaming desktop computer that comes pre-assembled, many purists will argue that the money saved and experience gained from building a computer yourself is what actually makes someone a member of the PC Master Race. For many people upgrading their computer is half the fun of owning one — this is especially true of gamers, graphic designers, and others in the creative field. These are folk who want to stay at the bleeding edge of technology.

Some parts in many laptops are difficult to source – and sometimes problematic to replace (for instance in some laptops it is not possible to upgrade RAM, upgrading graphics cards can also be a challenge). Sometimes laptop owners simply have to be patient and budget for the newest model. In contrast, get onto YouTube and there are numerous tutorials on how to upgrade your desktop.

Advantages Of Going PCMR

Firstly, they will cite the power and smoothness of operation. Many a computer desktop enthusiast will admit that there are laptops that can rival a high-end desktop as far as performance is concerned. but the consumer will be reaching deep into his or her pocket to enjoy that sort of performance.

When it comes to smoothness a graphical performance, even a laptop that matches a desktop (as far as similar processors are concerned) will not outperform it. As far as enjoying a better visual performance there can be an argument made for simply buying a large monitor and hooking it up to a laptop.

PCMR Is The True Deal

But the truth of the matter is that the desktop will usually simply outperform that laptop. For gamers, this can be an important point to consider. Even the highest-end gaming laptop is going to struggle against a similarly specced desktop. And you’ll be buying another screen. For instance, benchmarking Intel’s mobile quad-core i7 processor in its mobile version shows that it is going to be around 30% less powerful than the quad-core i7 on the desktop.

Then we come back to simple economics. Even if the consumer tries to match the power and speed of a desktop with a similarly specced laptop, aside from inferior performance, that laptop is going to cost significantly more.